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Well, aren’t you two adorable?

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I just made a joke to a turtle and then made a ba dum tss sound

This is what my life has come to

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Ok so I think my favorite bible story is Genesis 34 because just listen to this

So Jacob and his like clan of people wander into this town and set up camp. And his daughter Dinah was hanging out with some cool girls she met in the town but then this Prince guy Shechem sees her and like grabs her and rapes her. But then he’s all like “waaaa I’m just in love with her let marry her even though I’m a total douche” and so their families all sit down and talk about it and they decided if everyone in Schechem’s town gets circumcised they’ll let the groups marry each other so they go off and do that. But Dinah’s brothers are like “no way in hell” So they sneak into this town and the two of them kill every single male and just destroy the town. And Jacob’s all like “you have ruined me!” But they’re just like whatevs they deserved to die for touching my sister.

It’s just awesome

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I’m not entirely sure why but this is my favorite clip from my group’s Bike & Build video. 
And this is how I will commemorate our one year anniversary.

I’m not entirely sure why but this is my favorite clip from my group’s Bike & Build video. 

And this is how I will commemorate our one year anniversary.

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Gaise, I made a video.

It’s called: Orphan Booty.

A tribute to TDOOB tinychat and Beth Childs ‎(   ͡°  ͜ʖ  ͡°)

this video will go down in clone club history

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I hope when the Doctor gets a new companion it’ll be like in Classic Who when they barge into to TARDIS and the Doctor is all like “What the hell are you doing??? Get out of here!” and then he laughs at them as they wander around some dangerous town and almost get killed. 

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Ari Millen in every Orphan Black episode
► (2.03) Mingling Its Own Nature with It

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do you want to go to chipotle?
cmon let’s go and eat
i think some spicy food is overdue
ive started talking to my own dinner plate

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Farmer plays Royals on trombone, cows gather

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"Kendra! Guess what?! I can pay my rent!!!"

Tis the life of an outdoor recreation guide.

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I talked to my supervisor about what I want out of my internship for the rest of it and wow communication is just awesome. I think people forget that others can’t read their mind and just how important talking is. 10/10 would recommend.

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