was this movie real

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I suck at relationships. I’m like Godzilla. Men run from me; they flee. Not just Japanese men, all nationalities flee.

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logan/veronica appreciation week: day two (favorite parallel)

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*Dooms myself to a lifetime of low wages because I’d rather have fun jobs rather than high-paying one’s*

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Jokey Cosima appreciation post.

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A brilliant metaphor

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television history

i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years

there is literally no way to explain this sketch it’s just a thing you have to see and even then I’m not sure why it’s so funny

My mom laughed at me yesterday because I said “…so it’s canceled next week because there’s some sort of all-star game happening in downtown.”

Sometimes I think she forgets I DON’T CARE ABOUT SPORTS. AT ALL. Like, literally my brain shuts down when someone starts talking about them.

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They could have done much better on that adaptation but I still cried at the end (but not as long as I sobbed during the book. I swear it was at least 20 minutes and I had a headache when it was over).

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The Book Thief movie a.k.a. “how about we take the plot and do the exact opposite of everything in the book”

The Book Thief — The Standover Man

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So I finished reading The Book Thief and it was SO GOOD and now I’m watching the movie and they are changing so much and it’s making the viewer miss the whole point.

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"Well whoever she was, I’m not her. Okay? If you want me to travel with you that’s fine. But as me. I’m not a bargain basement stand-in for someone else. I’m not going to compete with a ghost.”
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